How could this happen? |

How could this happen?

Can ANYONE tell me how a 5-year-old is killed on one of our mountains while with her “class” and only gets a few lines of coverage? Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for laws requiring helmets for our youngest skiers, especially our visitors.

I have two children in the local ski club, and close to 100 percent of those children have helmets. Obviously this fact escapes our visitors. The Aspen Skiing Co.’s silence is deafening.

Someone tell us, especially those of us with young skiers, HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Does Pitkin County’s statement referring to Leonie’s “class” mean ski school? Where are the “witnesses” that the Skico’s spokesman keeps telling us haven’t been found yet? Was a 5-year-old skiing Golden Barrel ALONE?

Someone tell us what happened so we can attempt to avert such circumstances with our own 5-year-olds on the mountains.

My heartfelt sympathies are with the Arguetty family, as they lay their daughter to rest.

Carol Hawk


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