How can you help?

Dear Editor:It is the attitude of people like Bruno Kirchenwitz that will continue to flare racial tension in our valley (letters, July 6). I agree that some of the illegals in the U.S. are dealing drugs. There are also a lot of U.S. citizens who sell drugs. Obviously, there is a great demand for these drugs in this valley and it is not just other illegals who are consuming them. I do not know what the policy is in other counties in the valley, but it is my observation that Sheriff Smiling Bob does not support enforcement of any kind in Pitkin County. By not being proactive, Smiling Bob et al. are allowing the dangerous people into our valley to sell their drugs, making people violent and out of control. I won’t lie down on this point: Name calling and hateful attitudes are not going to help the problems in the Roaring Fork Valley and the U.S. Bruno, try asking what can I do to help instead of fanning the flames of fear and prejudice.Kim VieiraAspen