How about those greedy Republicans |

How about those greedy Republicans

Dear Editor:

As a citizen and World War II vet who loves our country, I wonder what in hell is happening to our country due to politicians in Washington, D.C.!

I wish Harry Truman was still around and he would lambaste our Congress as a “do nothing Congress” as he did during his term in office. During the Bush years our infrastructure went down the toilet and roads, bridges, etc. went with it! Two wars were started, thousands of our troops were killed and maimed, money was taken from our Social Security fund and put in the general fund and never put back.

When Clinton left office there was a surplus and it didn’t take long for Bush to make it a negative and make the statement quote: I inherited a recession. BS! The American voters have such a very short memory and blame everything on the present administration; where were you during the Bush years? In utopia or in a coma! Obama is trying many things that Franklin D. Roosevelt did back in the ’30s when I was a kid but the Republicans vote no on every proposal

The Republican party and that other joke, the tea party, want to destroy the middle-class and working people and take away our Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, destroy our unions and our constitutional rights. The working class pays more in taxes than the very rich because of loopholes which the GOP won’t do anything about except maybe reduce the rich people’s taxes!

Many people don’t vote at elections because it’s too much trouble to go and vote! Wake up, people, it’s your right and many people have died so you can have that right. Can anyone tell me how our country can run without taxes? More and more middle-class people are falling into the poor and homeless class. If the Republicans don’t change their thinking we seniors will lose more of our benefits and put many of us (there are 50 million of us) into poverty levels! I paid in to the Social Security fund for 50 years and millions of others did too.

I saw something sad in City Market Sunday when I was shopping – a senior white couple were shopping and they split up. He was in front of the bread section where I picked up a loaf and he said to me, “I’m looking for sale prices,” and his wife was looking through coupons for bargains. Every 20 cents made a difference to them and things will get worse for many seniors if the GOP gets its way!

What will the GOP want in the future? Maybe set up a system that will eliminate seniors at 70 so there will be more money to take from Social Security? By the way, can anyone tell me if Speaker Boehner has a second job in a tanning salon to get that year-around tan?

Chris Tessem



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