How about a wind-powered train? |

How about a wind-powered train?

Dear Editor:

My 2 cent response to David Grimes’ letter, “What am I missing?” (Aspen Daily News, July 8): I don’t think you’re missing much, David, but the landscaping in the roundabout is quite petty in the shadow of an $86 million overage for an employee-housing complex!

If you taxpayers paid someone to landscape the roundabout with “perennials and some annuals,” they would probably die and wilt from the excess carbon emissions of all the idling stop-and-go traffic congestion created by the LACK of an entrance to Aspen. Don’t sweat the petty; pet the sweaty!

If the Maroon Creek Bridge can be built in three years for $14 million, just think what CDOT and contractors could do with $86 million to revamp the dysfunctional bottleneck of the entrance to Aspen. Even the new bridge and any BRT b.s. is still bottlenecked, backed-up, idling, carbon-emitting gridlock! The second greatest waste of your tax dollars is a four-lane bridge that you can only drive in two of the lanes.

Who are the asspenholes that are designing the roadways in this valley?

Steve Smith hit the nail on the head (“Wrecking rail for bicycles not a good idea,” Aspen Daily News, July 8). More buses and BRT simply means more vehicles burning carbon on the roadways, PERIOD. Some misguided fools tore up rails for asphalt paths that are underutilized and practical only during summer months. And this is the area that hosts an “Ideas” festival. Here is an idea: four traffic lanes and a wind-powered train from Glenwood to downtown Aspen. My 2 cents!

John Norman


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