How about a children’s museum? |

How about a children’s museum?

Dear Editor:

Now that it seems that the Aspen Art Museum will be moving to the downtown core, informal discussions about trying to fill the current space with a children’s museum are starting up throughout the valley.

Personally, I cannot think of a better possibility for that space Creating a family-friendly attraction where kids of all ages could come together to learn about the area’s past and present through interactive activities would be an incredible way to draw families and school groups to Aspen and help diversify what our town has to offer to our visitors. Furthermore, the valley’s newest wonder – the paleontological findings in Snowmass – could be featured in a very special way.

As a teacher, parent and current member of the Denver Children’s Museum, I am quite impressed with how that museum brought local businesses and nonprofits together to educate and promote imaginative play for local youth and tourists alike. Using that museum as a model, I can just imagine kids learning about mining, ecology, skiing, arts and the Aspen Idea in fun and creative ways.

While the location of the museum may not have served the art museum well, it actually seems perfect for this type of proposition since its proximity to the river, ACES, Herron Park and the Rio Grande Park and Trail are ideal for families and schools looking for ways to expose their children and students to the natural wonders of the Roaring Fork Valley. I get excited just thinking about the possibilities, and I urge the council to consider this idea seriously.

Georgina Levey


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