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Housing measures approved

Aspen Times Staff Report

Snowmass Village voters made their commitment to employee housing clear with the passage of two housing questions on Tuesday’s ballot.

Voters, by a 299-86 margin, approved a measure that will allow builders of new homes to pay into the town’s housing program in lieu of building an accessory dwelling unit. Homeowners who wish to convert an existing accessory unit to some other use will also be allowed to opt for the housing mitigation payment.

Voters also approved allowing up to 550 additional square feet on a single-family home in exchange for a mitigation payment for employee housing – but by a smaller margin. The question passed on a 252-to-132 vote.

“I think the most important result is that this shows a real, sincere interest and commitment by the community to continue generating permanent employee housing,” said Mayor T. Michael Manchester after the votes were tallied.

Other council members interpreted the election results as both a mandate to continue building affordable housing and also a confirmation that residents approve of the direction the Town Council is taking.

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