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Housing is a part of education

Dear Editor:

Although I have had issues with Tony Kronberg in the past, her May 14 letter to the editor is right on point. Why is the MAA asking for all these concessions from the county on the expansion of their campus without providing the housing necessary to accommodate their additional employees?

Tony also makes a good point about the MAA’s ability to finance additional housing. This is the richest nonprofit in the valley with the highest paid director, but they do not seem to consider housing important. In fact, when APCHA asked about housing as part of the campus expansion, Alan Fletcher stated “… this is about education, not housing.” To this I ask: How can you talk about education without teachers? I have not received an answer to this question. Obviously, the Board of County Commissioner’s is reluctant to consider this question as well.

Finally, Toni is also correct in stating that the burden of the MAA’s and County Commissioners’ agreements will place the burden on the City of Aspen. To Toni I say: Congratulations for getting the issues straight; and to the MAA and the County Commissioners I say: Shame on you for not taking care of your responsibilities to the community.

Ron Erickson