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Housing atrocity

A number of charges that have been implemented in Aspen by various government entities usually work out to some degree; after all, you can never satisfy all the people, particularly in Aspen where everyone has an opinion and usually gives voice to that opinion.

However, I need to voice my opinion as loud as one can.

The subject is the golf course housing. I’m sure most people have viewed the rather imposing new golf club house. This building, in my opinion, is in keeping with an Aspen heritage and certainly a Western heritage. Not bad, but look next door at the attempt to provide employee housing.

These cubist boxes, reminiscent of poor housing attached to a sloop in poverty stricken areas of Europe or Latin America don’t quite fit in to the Aspen or Western heritage our government officials preach about.

The Historical Preservation Commission of Aspen has broken people’s dreams to keep the “look of Aspen.” I wonder why they should continue their work after they view the abominations created on our golf course.

Where were the sensibilities of our bureaucrats in approving this enormous mistake? Where were the sensibilities of our esteemed architect to dump this creative block on Aspen?

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I thought the Stage Road “squares” were bad, but this atrocity certainly takes first place. Who is responsible for this extremism?

I would like to hear from the housing authority as to why they accepted this excuse for a design. Who looks over housing authority decisions? Do the meek dare to speak?

George Shifrin


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