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Housing abuses are rampant

Dear Editor:

The dispute between the housing office, the city, and Lou and Debra Muzikar may or may not be an issue worthy of litigation; that is for resolution by those involved (“Lawsuit alleges valley couple broke Housing Authority rules,” Nov. 2).

Here’s what I know: As a longtime resident and owner of affordable housing, I have been, and am now, personally aware of many affordable housing abuses. I won’t site details, but if the housing office really wants to know, I’m not hard to find.

Ask any person who lives in affordable housing if they know of abuses, and you’ll learn what most of us have known for years; abuses are significant and sometimes blatant.

Housing is an extremely difficult issue in Aspen, and circumstances often cause situation changes. I believe, and have evidence, the housing office is open to discussion and providing solutions, if possible, when this happens.

In the case of the Muzikars, they manage a property for the association and, in return are given an apartment, rent free in lieu of pay. If the housing office and city can’t review the case and allow the Muzikars to maintain status quo, they may leave Aspen; what a loss that would be. I personally know both of them. All of us should do everything possible to encourage them to stay.

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Betty Farson


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