Housework lawsuit story was flawed

Dear Editor:In response to a Feb. 20 story, “Lawsuit highlights …” in which my name was mentioned several times, I wanted to say some of my words were completely misplaced in the context. I never said the word “unnerving” in that sentence, as an example.In regard to my lawsuit against Callaway, it has nothing to do with the issue of [independent contractor] vs. employee. When one buys a business, one should be paying for that business. Apparently Ms. Callaway thinks she can buy a business, continue making money with it and not have to pay a penny for it! I certainly never intended to rob anyone of their rights or benefits and if I did hire people as subcontractors and they worked as subcontractors, it was unfortunate neither I or them did know any better about the law at the time.Aspen is a frenzied work town, people here work three jobs to make ends meet in the offseason. I never forced anyone to work overtime, but rather people came to me and requested more work. There are a lot of property managements in town which pay their people only $8 an hour although they charge more than $35 to their clients for their work. I certainly never charged any homeowner $60 an hour as is claimed and the people working with me made more than double the $8 an hour they would have made elsewhere.Sandrine DuerenAspen