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Houpt promotes healthy community

Dear Editor:

If people ask me why I support Tresi Houpt, all I can think is how can I not.

To me Tresi is the mind and heart of the county. She is a master of thoughtful discourse, bringing the concerns of the children, women, husbands and seniors forward. Tresi speaks to the balance of health and continuance of the land and concerns for wildlife to the table. That’s why Gov. Ritter appointed her to the oil and gas board, for balance.

With all that comes jobs, sound fiscal policy, and a healthy active economy, our economy, whose values live on for future generations.

The Dali Lama said he always weighs the relative benefit of a thing against two measures: promoting community and enhancing compassion.

I would be sad to think that this voice for healthy community was not represented at the table.

John Hoffmann


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