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Houpt for Garco

Dear Editor:

I am afraid that Ms. Brenda Draper is terribly uninformed on the state of the economy. In her recent letter to the editor, she appeared to blame the national recession on Tresi Houpt. It’s true that there are empty storefronts in most communities across America, and foreclosures have increased dramatically, but this is certainly not the result of decisions our county commissioners have made.

Under Tresi’s tenure the county airport has been upgraded and expanded; a multi-jurisdictional partnership has been created to improve the east Parachute overpass and to build a west Parachute overpass to meet growing demands; the Garfield New Energy Community Initiative was formed, bringing renewable energy projects and energy efficiency opportunities to Garfield County; the Business Incubator is supported by Garfield County; the county has partnered with several oil and gas companies on major county road projects; and the county recently adopted a new land-use code that cut red tape by turning many hearing processes into administrative decisions on land-use applications, saving people thousands of dollars. All of these projects position Garfield County for a strong recovery when this country pulls out of the recession.

Instead of criticizing Tresi for the downturn in the economy, let’s thank her for providing infrastructure, programs and a healthy county budget that will serve us well into the future. What we need during this recessionary time is a leader with experience and sound judgment who understands the role that the county plays in creating opportunity for economic security.

As a 50-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, 40 of which have been in Garfield County, I strongly support Tresi and invite you to please join me in supporting her for county commissioner. Vote for Tresi Houpt on Nov. 2.

Laurie Loeb


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