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Hound a neighbor, save a bear

Dear Editor:Lately almost every conversation has to do with the bears. Humans are awed by the bears co-mingling with them. For 13 years, I have lived here and have been aghast at the fact that people do not secure their garbage. Please spare me the “bear-proof” Dumpster retort. Having a family background from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I know what a “bear-proof” Dumpster is! For years, the hillbillies have had to contain their garbage in small garbage houses. If they do not, the bears will be all over the city. Does this sound familiar? In Aspen there are still green, plastic garbage cans with a small clip that haunt the alleys. Most mornings, I wake up to an alley full of scattered trash. Even metal Dumpsters with cable and clip to deter the bears do not work. Bears have been ripping these open with a few paw swipes.What can you do? Take a lesson from the hillbillies and build yourself a real bear-proof garbage container – a small garbage house. Demand more by voting for elected officials who are concerned enough to implement strict, new laws regarding trash and more importantly, who enforce these laws. Most importantly, start being awed over your neighbors who repeatedly do not contain their trash. These people should be followed around and taken photos of. These are the people who are endangering humans and causing our county to become a killing bear juggernaut. Janine TroutmanAspen