Hot, spicy and rude |

Hot, spicy and rude

Dear Editor:

Last night was my girlfriend’s 23rd birthday, so we all went out for a lovely dinner at Su Casa. Afterward, we had a few drinks at the Cigar Bar. Pretty tipsy, we asked the blonde bartender if she could give us any discount on drinks for my friend’s birthday. She was quite rude and said no, which was fine; we ordered three tequilas and paid our $18 ” but we decided to not tip. She then called my friend back and said she in fact did have something for the “birthday girl.” It was a shot … which turned out to be a shot of TABASCO SAUCE, which, to our dismay, we only figured out after we’d shared and downed the “hot” drink!

I understand she was angry that we didn’t tip her, but what gives her the right to treat someone like that? It’s completely unacceptable! It’s not compulsory to tip.

Being a former bartender myself, I almost always give a small token of appreciation, but I don’t find it necessary to tip every single time I buy a drink! We’re all seasonal workers, and it costs a lot to go out in Aspen!

Luckily, with burning throats and all, she didn’t ruin our night!

Petra Barrett

Snowmass Village


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