Hot and bothered over school tax |

Hot and bothered over school tax

Dear Editor:

While I am generally in favor of providing the Aspen School District with as much money as it has asked for in the past, question 2B on next week’s ballot has me fuming.

Why does the school district want to add a city sales tax for additional funding? Why isn’t it a county sales tax since the district is certainly larger than Aspen? Why doesn’t it include Snowmass Village, which arguably provides many of the students in the district? Why a sales tax at all since most agree that it is a repressive tax that hits hardest on the lowest-income. Why add a tax to our tourist accommodations? They have no interest in our school district nor will they benefit. All in all, it’s a really lousy way to try to raise money for an otherwise good organization. The School Board should be admonished for imposing this question on the citizens in Aspen.

Vote “no” on 2B.

Ron Erickson


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