Hospital’s new syndrome |

Hospital’s new syndrome

Dear Editor:

Aspen Valley Hospital seems to be suffering from a case of “deep pockets, short arms syndrome” this year. Is the economy being used as an excuse to cut corners?

Last spring end-of-season bonuses were withdrawn for the first time in years. This week there was an invitation to a “season kick-off party.” The flyer specifically told its guests to “eat if hungry” at home before the shindig, as this year only appetizers will be served, unlike in past years. Additionally, the invitation noted “bring a canned good, to cut down on costs.” Tell me, AVH, will we also need to bring a can opener and a fork to share our canned food with the rest of the merry-makers?

Not to sound ungrateful, for I plan to load my tummy with appetizers as I am just getting by, but as I chatter with my good-hearted, fellow employees over sardines and crackers, I may wonder how the hospital is managing to purchase yet another outpatient clinic, open a new labor and delivery wing, have a year’s worth of surplus in the bank, and still make plans to build covered parking.

In this season we are reminded that it’s not about money, it’s about people. Stretch those arms a little more, AVH, for as you give, so shall you receive.

Beth Gibsone

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