Hospital’s CEO resigns |

Hospital’s CEO resigns

Eben Harrell
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Randy Middlebrook, Aspen Valley Hospital’s CEO and administrator, resigned yesterday.

AVH board president John Sarpa said Middlebrook’s resignation was in the hospital’s best interest.

“By mutual agreement, we think this is the best thing for the hospital,” Sarpa said.

Sarpa would not comment on the reason for Middlebrook’s resignation. Middlebrook was unavailable for comment.

Bill Brunworth, who worked at AVH for 16 years and resigned as hospital project manager over professional differences with Middlebrook and his staff, said the election of three new board members in 2002 spelled the end for the CEO.

“I think this board wants to take the hospital in a different direction, and [the board members and Middlebrook] came to an agreement that he wasn’t the right person to do that,” Brunworth said.

“This board is doing a lot of good things.”

In the past, Brunworth has been critical of Middlebrook, even going so far as to publicly ask for his resignation over alleged corruption and intimidation charges.

The board appointed Dr. Bob Karp, a retired cardiovascular surgeon, as interim CEO and administrator. Karp recently served as the medical affairs liaison to the hospital.

“With the hospital currently experiencing its busiest patient care season, looming facility improvements and challenging fiscal responsibilities, the board has decided to immediately instate an interim CEO/administrator,” Sarpa wrote in a press release.

Middlebrook will work with Karp over the next two months to assist the transition.

Sarpa said a full-time replacement for Middlebrook would be found as soon as possible. He also said the board intends to form a committee to ensure that a wide range of input goes into the selection process.

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