Hospital ditty |

Hospital ditty

Please, kind sir, explain this little thing to me.

The hospital, and how it works, I want to see.

Is it a business? Then who owns it, please tell me.

Doctors, nurses, attendants, too – are they the key?

Or now is it the taxpayers, like you, and me?

All I really know is from when they fixed my knee.

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Quality of health care, accessibility.

Then whose in charge of midwives didn’t bother me!

But, suddenly my wife’s concerned, for them, you see.

It’s welcome to the boardroom, new old guys to be.

How you deal with this one should make for harmony.

If they want what they want, and want when they want it.

And some want the money, and some want the power.

Then, some say the real problem is lack of the trust.

Anti-trust is it? Remember I really must.

Quotas help to make a good living for the “Docs”.

Good idea, let’s try it where the wild geese flocks.

Let’s limit all developers, to help them out.

The survivors, their profits, they will gladly tout.

Gee, this is really easy; let’s all try it out.

Just limit all the bankers, and attorneys too.

So pretty soon it might even help me and you.

But wait a minute; hold on there, before we do.

What if the ones whose rights get cut are me and you?

We better think this out again, it’s plain to see.

Leave it to the brand new board at Aspen “Val-ley”

Mike Otte


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