Horse tax check-off not what it seems |

Horse tax check-off not what it seems

Dear Editor:

Like many people in Colorado, I am a lover of horses. This year on the Colorado tax return, we are being presented with a check-off category to contribute to something labeled “The Unwanted Horse Fund.” At first glance, you might think this is a benevolent organization dedicated to the welfare of animals. That does not appear to be the truth.

If you visit the website of the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance, you discover that these people seem committed to the notion of re-introducing horse slaughterhouses in the state of Colorado. Their terminology and their use of information seem to imply that slaughtering horses is somehow a “humane” approach to neglect of horses. I just hope this organization never gains control of Social Security and Medicare. (Want to help out those sick, old folks we’d like to blame for draining our national treasury? Nuke ’em. Problem solved.)

I contacted one of the horse rescue organizations that I help to support, and they confirmed my suspicions about Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance. It seems to me, if we really want to address the problem of neglected and unwanted horses, we would be better served to give our money to legitimate rescue organizations.

In addition, I for one would like to know exactly who in the Legislature got this check-off category onto our tax returns. As a citizen I am really tired of being manipulated by politicians and industries whose aims are nefarious, self-serving and inhumane.

If we find ourselves in the position of having a horse we can no longer care for (and in these economic times, these numbers have to be increasing), I can recommend contacting Front Range Equine Rescue at They have a checklist of practical and realistic suggestions for people who would like to find a new home for their horses.

Linda Jenks


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