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Hornswoggled by health care

Dear Editor:We have been duped.The health care bill widely expands the size and scope of our federal government and does not make the delivery of health care any less expensive. The bill could have unleashed the free market by allowing us to buy insurance from across state lines, but it didn’t. The bill could have made all out-of-pocket health care expenses tax deductible, but it didn’t. The bill could have gotten rid of the FDA and made prescriptions more affordable, but it didn’t. The bill could have addressed tort reform, but it didn’t. The bill could have increased Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement to providers to stabilize the private insurance market, but it didn’t. The bill could have made sure premiums for individuals were tax deductible, but it didn’t. Sorry, Ms. Pelosi, but this bill will go down in history as a colossal failure that bankrupts our country.So what did the bill succeed at?It created one of the largest welfare programs in our history. Never thought I’d live to see the day where someone making $88,200 a year could qualify for welfare but here are the numbers. If you make less than $43,320 as a single; $58,280 as a couple; $73,240 as a family of three; or $88,200 as a family of four, you have now required that hard-working responsible people pay for your insurance because you’d rather buy 250 cable channels, eat out 15 times per week and lease that new car. You are sick all right, but your illness does not give you the right to someone else’s private property. It made insurance more expensive for the most uninsured age group in the country. By limiting rating factors by 2-1 for between the oldest and youngest people, it just skyrocketed the premiums of everyone 18 to 32 years old. If you aren’t able to understand why this will happen, call my office and I’ll explain it to you using small words. Young people, you just got duped! It made small businesses pay more than ever for health care and gave them no assistance by which to do it. Requiring small business to provide health care for families and contribute 65 percent or pay an 8 percent payroll tax penalty is insane. Let’s just see what this does to our already 10 percent unemployment rate. It will put the nail in the coffin for small businesses in our country.My request to my fellow citizens is read the bill. You are smart enough to see through this. Be suspicious of their motives. Don’t just listen to talking points. Then write the congressman who voted for it. And then vote out Jared Polis and John Salazar.Peter MartinBasalt

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