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Hope is the answer

Dear Editor:

In 1990 my brother Rod committed suicide. He was 32 years old and no one in our family had any idea how depressed he was. Depression is crazy that way. It can be hidden because of shame (for being depressed in a world where everyone else seems happy) or because the person is so withdrawn or angry.

We have had way too many people around us take their own lives. Thanks to the hard work of the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation, the Aspen Hope Center now brings hope for those who are hurting or depressed and who are considering ending their lives. Since June of this year more than 200 people have received help through the Aspen Hope Center, and all of them have been followed up on so that no one falls through the cracks as they deal with their personal demons. That’s more than 200 good people in just over three months, and some of them might not be with us otherwise.

This valley has so much to offer and so many things to do and wonderful people to do them with. We are deeply blessed. But the culture, the wealth, and the beauty around us mean very little when someone you love or care about takes their life.

Please consider attending the performance of “Secrets” at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Wheeler Opera House. All proceeds go to the Aspen Hope Center. “Secrets” will be presented in a fun, entertaining, thought-provoking one-woman show. Ellie Davis will perform her interpretations of anonymous secrets that were collected throughout our valley.

Rod would have loved this performance, he would have loved what the Aspen Hope Center is doing, and he would be happy that I am involved. So, on Saturday, along with holding a space in my heart for everyone involved in 9/11, I honor my brother in supporting the Aspen Hope Center. Please consider joining me.

Allison Daily


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