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Hometown hero

Dear Editor:

My compliment: A very well-written and interesting article on the first- and second-place winners (“Up for the challenge, Vail’s Mike Kloser triumphs at Highlands Uphill” Jan. 6).

My complaint: First-place Kloser from Vail, second-place Boettcher from Silt, third-place Brian Johnson from Aspen (not Carbondale as stated under his photo).

Johnson was right there at the finish behind the first two, and he is an Aspen resident in the home town of The Aspen Times. While great to see his photo on page 6, it would certainly have been wonderful to read some statements, observations, opinions from a winning participant who lives in our neighborhood. I’m sure he had something positive and relevant to say, but apparently, he wasn’t asked!

Carol P. Klein


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