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Homegrown in Aspen

Dear Editor:

One day in December, I followed the balloons into the small white Victorian house next door to the Miners Building on Main Street in Aspen. Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus had just opened its doors, and I was greeted by Shae Singer, “ringmaster,” and Shirley Tipton, “director of mirth.”

I could hardly believe my eyes; everything looked so inviting! The shop was filled with creations of all kinds: paintings, silk scarves, bowls and mugs, whimsical necklaces and earrings, mobiles, windchimes and more … all handmade by local artists. There were also beautiful, fresh flowers and many other surprises and treats. Of course I found delightful Christmas gifts, all reasonably priced.

And, as if all this were not enough, Jack Reed was there, stocking the shelves with local, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, eggs, cheeses and many other delicious, nutritious choices. I purchased several root vegetables and a handful of fresh herbs and made soup that very day, and we have been having soup du jour happily ever after.

I just can’t keep this discovery to myself any longer. Since then, I have learned that at least one restaurant buys its fresh produce from the Aspen Emporium. I wonder if Aspen Valley Hospital knows about this venue for local, fresh, organic produce, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if locals’ creations showed up in the hospital gift shop when it reopens?

Mary Janss