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Home rule not scary

Dear Editor:I received an auto-dialed phone call concerning the possible home-rule charter for Eagle County. They were against the notion of a home-rule charter because it could change county positions from being elected by the people to being appointed by county commissioners. The charter could also allow as few as two commissioners to meet and set policy in secret. All in all, it sounded like a scare tactic to me.Actually, they were correct. The home-rule charter is like a new constitution for the county. It can do away with all police, your right to vote, and shirt/shoes required.However, once you vote for writing a new charter you will then vote to implement the new charter or not. If you see scary things ,then certainly vote against it.Peter Frey wrote a letter a few days ago outlining many good reasons for home-rule charter. Peter and I were on the board that wrote the home rule charter for Basalt, and nothing scary happened … well, unless you count the ongoing invasion of golfers. But that’s another story.Jim PaussaBasalt

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