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Home, home where the liber-als roam

(This letter was written by Carbondale resident Breccia Wilson’s great-aunt in New Jersey. Both her local papers refused to print it because it contained “poetry.” )

Ever since five members of the Supreme Court disgraced themselves by stopping the vote count to appoint George W. Bush president, our country has been going back to the bad old days of Voodoo Reaganomics: From a surplus to staggering deficits. We have welfare for the rich, while the poor get ever poorer and those in the middle keep losing jobs.

The mainstream media have given Bush a free pass ever since it was decided that he should be the figurehead for the Cheney bunch. In the meantime, the shrill, strident voices of the right have become increasingly loud and pervasive. Bush promised to change the tone in Washington ” but failed to say it would be from “mean” to “meaner.” To their shame, many Democrats were intimidated into playing dead.

I resent the way the extremists on the right use the word “liberal” as a pejorative term for those with whom they disagree, as though “generous and open-minded” were terrible things to be. So I have written a song in praise of “liberals,” to the tune of “Home on the Range.”

Oh, give me a home where the liberals roam,

And where caring and fairness abound,

Where the radical right is far out of sight

And their meanness and greed are not found.

Home, home in the states,

Where we all have a right to our say

Without fear of the “right” and to bring things to light

They would rather keep hidden away.

Oh, give me a land where the water is clean,

And the air that I breathe is quite pure,

Where the corporate crooks, in their mansions and nooks,

Lose it all and must live like the poor.

Home, home that I love,

Which we all must work hard to keep free,

With a clear, open mind, do our best to be kind,

Even though we may still disagree.

Oh, give me a voice in this land of free choice,

To speak out when I see things to change,

Where a real living wage is now all the rage,

And we all have a Home on the Range!

Grace Cressman

Washington, N.J.

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