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Home-grown terrorist?

In reading the editorial in Thursday’s Aspen Times – “Wake up America! It’s about the oil!” by Ted Rall – I found it both interesting and puzzling that in his very brief mention of the current conflict in the Middle East, Mr. Rall very casually refers to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as “Israel’s home-grown terrorist.”

Since the beginning of the current intafada by the Palestinians against Israel which began, not coincidentally, just prior to the Jewish High Holidays of 2001, there have been countless terrorist attacks in the form of suicide bombings targeted at Israeli civilians.

Just in the last month, there were seven straight days of such bombings beginning with the Passover massacre in Netanya, Israel. Just in the last few days, another bus bombing and a large explosion in one of Jerusalem’s most crowded areas, again not coincidentally, just before the Sabbath when the highest number of citizens are out on the streets.

Israeli civilians are being killed, crippled and maimed practically on a daily basis and it would be looking much worse if the Israeli Defense Force were not on top of the situation and therefore thwarting many more attempted attacks.

Sharon is leading a more than justified military assault against the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure in order to defend and protect Israelis, and Mr. Rall is choosing to label him and not the Palestinians as not only “The Terrorist” but Israel’s own “home-grown terrorist.”

Somehow, the logic defies me. If carried to its conclusion, would that not make bin Laden and his terrorist infrastructure the victims and our very own George W. “The Terrorist”?

Judy S. Kava

Snowmass Village

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