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Home at The Milk

Allyn Harvey

Just about the only subject anyone is talking about on the hill right now is the announcement yesterday that Buttermilk would continue to host ESPN’s Winter X Games into the foreseeable future.

Well, for the next three years anyway, which is a hefty, even geological, chunk of time in the history of the X Games.

According to an ESPN press packet, the X Games as a concept was conceived in 1993, when management decided to “devote significant resources to the creation of an international gathering of action sport athletes.”

There can be little doubt that in 1993 those executives, as prescient as they may have been, could have known that a mountain named Buttermilk would be the place for that gathering.

Buttermilk. The Milk. Home to Panda Peak. Beginner central.

On June 24, 1995, ESPN staged the first “Extreme Games,” all summer sports, in Newport, Providence and Middletown, R.I., and Mount Snow, Vt. The East, being what it is, crowded mainly, was a good place to kick the games off as approximately 198,000 spectators showed up.

In 1996, ESPN changed the name to X Games and announced it planned to kick off the Winter X Games in 1997.

The summer games proved to be immensely more popular than the winter games, with hundreds of thousands of people showing up to watch Summer X Games versus the tens of thousands who made it to the Winter X Games.

But that didn’t deter ESPN from its commitment to the winter version. In 2002, after bouncing around the country for five years, the games found their way home to The Milk.

The Milk ” it does a resort good.

Snow conditions on this resort’s four mountains remain mostly packed powder heading into the weekend. One On the Hill correspondent reported that some of that powder had, in fact, packed into ice on Ajax.

The dusting yesterday added 2 inches at Snowmass, 1 inch at Ajax, 1 inch at Aspen Highlands and 1 inch at Buttermilk.


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