Holy Cross endorsements

Dear Editor:

You want to do your part to help the environment. You already do the usual stuff. The biggest, most important thing you can do now is a political solution. (Emphasis on “now.”) I have a super-easy, super-important thing you can do if you are a Holy Cross Energy customer.

You have received a ballot in the mail for the Holy Cross board of directors election. Vote for Adam Palmer and Marshall Foote. Then SIGN the back of the envelope! That’s it. Thank you.

(If you’re one of those who need to know why, please keep reading.)

The electric industry must move away from coal as our source of electricity. We need diversity that includes renewables to avoid price spikes and more climate change. The far-reaching, vast, “big picture” solutions to climate change will happen on small boards and in state capitals. A vote or a letter is an important addition to what you are already doing. Thanks again. Spread the word.

Jim Paussa