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Holding out for intelligent dialogue

Dear Editor:Stand up to the lefties! (Aspen Times, Dec. 27) – I love it. Bill, you indulge in such delusional conspiracies, you even sound like a liberal! Let me get this straight: The following groups share a passion for “destroying core American beliefs”: anarchists, socialists, communists, New-Dealers, progressives, liberals, and Democrats. That’s a big group, Bill. What else – let’s see- “the communists in the first part of the 20th century advocated sexual freedoms that at the time were appalling but today, unfortunately, are often acceptable.” Like what? Did liberals invent kinky sex? I don’t think so (I think it was the priests, or maybe the Egyptians). Now, I know you’re probably mad as hell, and so am I for various reasons (and it ain’t because of progressives). But don’t think for a Monday-night-football-loving-minute that I’m going to bastardize the entire spectrum of conservative and Republican ideology to feel better about myself. That’s un-American. In reviewing the book “The Middle Mind – Why Americans Don’t Think for Themselves,” John Colapinto says “where (Curtis) White departs from most liberal ranters is that he doesn’t blame the stupidizing of America on brainwashing or politicians or sinister corporations. He blames you and me.” I like that approach. It looks like in regards to this notion, you’ve got some good material to start with. Another thing, Bill, pulling the religion card is a pathetic insult. It’s so cliché, it’s ridiculous. I’m sure it pisses off the Messiah, too. I only wonder how most of today’s holier-than-thou conservative Christians would treat Jesus if they came across him at an anti-war rally, for instance. They’d probably just as soon beat him over the head with their Bibles for being a peace-preaching freak. How’s that for ano-spin zone? And by the way, Bobby Jones can kiss my Christian you-know-what. Bill, I think it’s time you spend your energy standing up to something other than a nebulous stereotype. Focus on fleshing out particular issues instead of lambasting half the American population. You get my “misguided Patriot of the Day” award. But I don’t want to discourage your enthusiasm and right to criticize. That would be un-American. I only suggest that you’ll be more effective if you’re not a raving looney. As for me, I’ll continue to stand up to ridiculous diatribes on both sides of the aisle, and pray that we see a blossoming of intelligent dialogue in the coming years. JR RichardsAspen