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Hold on to the good employees

Dear Editor:

I have just read the article concerning Aspen Valley Hospital’s (AVH’s) termination of oncology nurse Barbara Stirling (“Nurse says Aspen hospital fired her without warning,” Oct. 16). I am stunned (as it appears Barbara was) at the news.

I went through four months of chemo treatment at AVH in early 2005 and could not have made it through those grueling hours without Barbara Stirling and Carol Heinrichs. For her part, Barbara has always been a true professional and has managed to perfect mixing that professionalism with a level of caring, compassion and trust rarely seen in hospitals today. When I went in for my treatments, I was immediately comforted when I saw Barbara and Carol ” they always greeted me warmly with a smile and a hug, something so important when you are full of fear and fighting cancer. Their care and positive outlook gave me confidence at a time when it was hard to find.

I am appalled that AVH would make yet another crucial misstep in management and fire such a wonderful person. Barbara and Carol ARE the oncology department ” after so many years of dedication and care at AVH this wonderful woman does not deserve to be treated like this! Speaking from experience, I know Barbara has the support of the entire cancer-survivor community. The hospital needs more people like Barbara ” not more controversy.

Whoever made this poor decision is obviously out of sync with their patients and our community. These constant controversies have to make us wonder what is going on with management at AVH.

Anne Gurchick


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