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Dear Editor:With regards to the Louisa Caucia letter (Aspen Times, June 24) – “if Aspen were to deport all of its local undocumented workers, including Brits, Australians, Irish and Latinos, the entire Aspen economy would collapse” – I say hogwash! In Aspen, per the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau data, you have a population of 363 Latino workers and 97 people of the other above-mentioned races living there. Your city’s population is at 5,914. The following ethnic data is courtesy of our Census Bureau: white non-Hispanic (90.8 percent) and Hispanic (6.1 percent); your income and population shows that the median household income is above state average and the Hispanic et al race population percentage is below state average. Ten or 20 years ago, you are telling me and the other Aspenites that no one had their homes cleaned, or their grass cut or had any restaurants to dine in because the entire Aspen economy remained collapsed until the introduction of 460 people, of whom 40 to 60 percent are here illegally – 8.2 percent of your population per the Census Bureau? Sorry, but the statistical data does not support the theory of imminent financial collapse. It only reflects the protection of Aspen from diseases brought here by unscreened illegal entrants and a potential United States of America threatened repeat of 9-11.Marty LichGypsum

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