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Hogging bruin food

Dear Editor:This is the brief story that has recently sparked my fire. A friend of mine just last week was coming down off one of our local hiking trails and ran into a woman with a very large container brimming with freshly picked wild raspberries.”ARE YOU KIDDING?” I wailed. “Can she not buy her own raspberries??” Our bear population is so stressed due to hunger. They are being slaughtered for their traumatic attempts at finding food. They are starving, and she is taking out of the back country what pitiful offerings remain to be found by our desperate bruins.Please, people: Respect our wildlife, and our wilderness. Drive the speed limits so as not to run them down in the dark. Please leave the native foods for our beloved and troubled bears. And finally, please, please, attend properly to your garbage containers and bird feeders.Thank you for your time and consideration.BJ BrettEl Jebel