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Hit the brakes

Dear Editor: After reading about the P&Z hearing for yet another large subdivision with large commercial footage in the El Jebel area, Ace Lane’s submission, and reading of the comments from builders and developers about how inevitable development is and how good it is for us all and how shortsighted all us slow growthers are, well geez! It seems to me these people are missing the point. We’re not saying people shouldn’t be able to come here, for the same reasons most of us did, but let’s not make it so easy for them or so ruinous for the rest of us. It wasn’t easy to find our niche here and make it work by devotion and creativity. No nice, jammed together subdivisions just waiting for us (couldn’t have afforded it any how).Can they really think that all the extra traffic, lighting, noise, air pollution, infrastructure impacts on schools, fire, police, etc. doesn’t negatively effect us all. Speaking of infrastructure, did we just hear about midvalley’s water and sanitation experiencing hard times due to the slow growth council. Now there’s a good business model, crowd us out or go out of business? Do we really owe these peoples ability to live the “get wealthy American dream,” a continued lowering of our own quality of life. They tell us about all the jobs and benefits to our economy these things bring. Do they not realize that if we bring in more people employed in growth and new construction we must keep up the growing and crowding or have massive unemployment (like now?). Are we not approaching critical mass? Perhaps we are past critical mass and it’s time to stop the madness. Greg PaulEl Jebel

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