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Hit piece on Lance serves no good

Dear Editor:

I would imagine that the sensibilities of more than one of us here in the Aspen area were shocked to see the opinion piece by Meredith Carroll in The Aspen Times on the heels of the successful event that just transpired here, the USA Pro Cycle Challenge.

I am well aware of the huge influence someone like Lance Armstrong has had in this region. He is someone who was instrumental in bringing the general attention of the U.S. public to the sport of cycling. In particular, most recently, he brought the concept of the USA Pro Challenge to Colorado. For the past two years, the city of Aspen has benefited from the publicity and crowds of this race.

In addition, through his Livestrong Foundation, he helps to assist those who are fighting the many kinds of cancer that are now so prevalent across this country. To see someone of his stature being compared to the likes of Lindsay Lohan was disgusting. My first thought after reading her article was, “What is this type of yellow press doing in The Aspen Times?”

This is the type of tripe I’d expect to see in supermarket tabloids such as the Star or Mirror. Please do explain to us, who in their wisdom decided we should be subjected to this kind of trash utilizing nearly three-quarters of a page in your newspaper?

In my opinion, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has, by its action against Lance Armstrong, shown itself to be a group that should be eradicated like an outbreak of pests in one’s house. Here’s a group we can advise our congressmen to cut funding to. Just think – our tax dollars are being spent on the salaries of these arrogant fools, who have not been the policing arm of the international pro cycling sport yet have decided in their ultimate “wisdom” to declare Armstrong guilty.

No, they were not the ones who tested the athletes over these 14 years of his racing career, and yet they dare to declare that they are stripping all titles from Armstrong and banning him forever from the sport. They think no human can be so strong of spirit, mind and body that surely, they assert, he must have cheated. Who better to go after than an American hero, an icon, a cancer survivor?

So they seek headlines and publicity for themselves by this insidious campaign of lies and deceit. The International Cycling Union, or UCI, has been the one that tested the athletes over the 14 years of Lance’s career.

So it’s no small wonder that the UCI has given notice to USADA that it needs to provide UCI with whatever real proof that it has that inspired USADA to declare Armstrong guilty without due process through UCI ! No, this “guilty” declaration is based on the whisperings of his competitors, enemies and those jealous “has-beens” whom Armstrong beat year after year.

Trisha Hughes

Snowmass Village

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