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History repeating itself?

Over 50 million dead. That was the legacy of doing nothing in the 1930s. Ironic that the most important lesson of the second world war is not only being ignored but allowed to happen again.

In the ’30s a dictator ignored a treaty banning weapons and rearmament and dared the European powers to stop him. It’s ironic, because the same countries that chose to appease the dictator are now doing the same thing!

Before Germany had completely rebuilt its military, France had the opportunity to stop Hitler with military force. After all, the French had the largest army on the continent with more tanks and planes than Germany at the time. Shamefully they did nothing.

The justification was that Hitler could be contained and launching a military strike would lead to thousands of casualties on both sides. Hitler knew the fatal weakness of his opponents and exploited it until he was strong enough to attack and almost destroy the civilized world.

He wrote a book detailing his plan for the Jews and gave a hint of what he would do if his party gained control of Germany and he was true to his word. The “allies” at the time were arguing over what to do and the voices of inaction and appeasement won the day.

Even the United States wanted nothing to do with the European problem, and we tried to isolate ourselves from the growing dangers around the world. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

Today we are faced with a dictator who ignores a treaty and rearms his country with the deadliest weapons known to man. Sound familiar?

The French want to appease him and so do the Russians. Hmmm, am I detecting a pattern here?

The difference today is that when the Iraqi dictator uses those weapons or gives them to terrorists to use, millions will die in days and, like Hitler, this dictator and his terrorist friends have told us of their plans to destroy America and its way of life.

I support stopping this war before it gets out of control, even if it means invading Iraq and overthrowing a murderous dictator. I know there are people in this country that do not want to take on this unpleasant task.

I want to know if these same people will take responsibility for the inevitable chemical, biological or nuclear attack on this country, and will they step up to dig the mass graves and bury the thousands or millions of Americans murdered because of their support for the Iraqi dictator?

Probably not, these people want to enjoy freedom as long as someone else pays for it.

If we repeat history, then we deserve the consequences.

Tony Brevetti


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