History lesson

Dear Editor:In the opinion of many residents, there are extremely few properties that should qualify as being of historic significance in Aspen. In virtually any other city, decaying Victorian homes and older buildings are looked upon as being inhabited by the less-fortunate. Many are eyesores, so they are hardly thought of as assets. To have true historic quality, the buildings should have some historic storytelling value, as do those of the early miners in Ashcroft. A downtrodden shack is not worthy of being labeled a historic edifice, nor is a decent common home. Homeowners should have every right to do what they believe is in their best interest and in the interest of their neighbors. Remodeling or rebuilding must be the right of the property owner. Certainly, there should be limits such as meeting building code requirements, etc. But those must be based on good common sense. The old prevalent attitude of “screw you, I’ve got mine” is coming back to haunt us. Let us speak up to our governing officials so we don’t veer off course in our desire to continue making this a wonderful city.Ron Harris Aspen