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History in the making

Dear Editor:Community spirit is alive and well – and it is heartwarming to see. While I totally agree with Paul Andersen’s wonderful column Monday (we are slowly getting used to what we didn’t think we would ever tolerate … ) I am also heartened by recent indicators of commitment to a responsible future.Case in point – 25 applicants for a five-month position on council? What a testament to civic involvement. Now I suppose that could be flipped to point out the schizophrenia endemic in our town’s political personality, but I prefer to take the high road and commend their collective willingness to participate.Case in point – the Aspen State Teachers College “performance lectures” at the Wheeler on Monday. The day was an overwhelming success thanks to the extraordinary generosity and cooperation of a vast number of entities and individuals – all joining in to bring back a taste of the camaraderie of other decades. Those of us who participated agree that we are on the cusp of a new (old) era of focus. We are all now working on our master’s degrees, our BMS, having been reminded of the goal to balance body, mind and spirit. (Some of us, admittedly, will have to work harder than others … )We welcome this year’s freshman class to Aspen, and we appreciate all of the alumni who showed up as well. We found our business community and the Aspen Chamber Resort Association to be enthusiastic and supportive of all aspects of Aspen History 101. The list is (gratefully) too long to list here – look for an ad next week. The Wheeler Opera House staff and the Aspen Historical Society staff gave 110 percent, and it showed in the smiles and thank-yous received from the audience. AND we now have several hundred graduates welcomed to the fold – graduates who will help us spread the love. We hope this is the beginning of a tradition that will flourish forever.Case in point, the actors: the selfless volunteers with mega-talent who gave their time and their talent to help the Aspen Historical Society bring our history alive. I continue to be amazed at the extreme talent we are able to bring to the stage, be it ACT or the Hudson-Reed ensemble or the Broadway Players; we are blessed. And then to have these same actors donate and share their skills with the Historical Society is a gift beyond measure. We thank John Goss, Scott MacCracken, Cara Daniel, Dick Osur, Wendy Perkins, Tony Vagneur, Bill Stirling, Dr. Slats Cabbage, Chris Klug, Polly Ross and Professor (this is where you go to learn) Buttermilk (Vince Lahey) for spectacular effort.It all came off as hoped, and the reincarnation of Aspen State Teachers College is in gear. To our graduates: congratulations. To those of you who missed it … we’ll see what we can do about make-up dates, but I suspect you’ll have to wait a semester. The day was full of heartwarming experiences.Georgia HansonExecutive directorAspen Historical Society

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