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History: 1977 was big election year in Snowmass

Aspen Historical Society
Jack Schuss, the first mayor of Snowmass Village, in The Aspen Times.
Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Times Collection

“Snowmass candidates — their stand,” headlined The Aspen Times on Nov. 10, 1977. “Snowmass voters will have no shortage of candidates Nov. 22 when they go to the polls from 7 am to 7 pm at the Woodbridge Conference Center to elect the first mayor and six trustees of Snowmass Village. Jack E. Schuss, the man who spearheaded the drive that led to incorporation, is running for mayor. A man with 20 years of experience in business and economic research, he will be opposed by Richard T. Wall, a long-time Pitkin County resident now in the real estate business with Jeff Pease & Associates. There are 17 candidates for the six trustee posts. All officials are being elected at large, not from districts. Only ten signatures were needed on petitions to put a candidate on the ballot. The term of office of both the mayor and trustees will be two years. After the initial election, however, the board of trustees may extend the terms of several trustees so there will be rotating vacancies on the board every two years. The town has until Sept. 20, 1978 to provide all the services required by law to all areas of the town on an unbiased basis.”

Spoiler alert, Jack E. Schuss won the vote and was elected the first mayor of Snowmass Village.


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