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Historic meeting today

Dear Editor:

What you don’t know can hurt you!

Even the City Hall watchers can’t keep up. It’s confusing and fluid. The innocuous-sounding name alone causes most residents to erroneously say, “Oh, that doesn’t affect me.”

Not so fast.

You own a 1970s condo in town. Do you need to worry that recommendations soon to be made to City Council about potential redevelopment restrictions or incentives will affect your condo in the future?

Are increased mass, density, set-back and parking variances development incentives for historic preservation going to be extended to more post-WWII homes, creating more neighborhood impacts? Or will they be reduced?

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Could a new “conservation district” overlaying your neighborhood affect your ability to install contemporary windows or change your roof? Would “conservation district” rulings overrule permitted zone district rights? Who would have to approve?

City Council will soon receive the long-awaited post-Ordinance No. 30 recommendations from the task force they formed to clean up the mess council created in July 2007 with Emergency Ordinance No. 30. It is still far from cleaned up!

The above questions and many others need to be asked of the Historic Preservation Task Force today in their public input sessions at noon and then again at 5 p.m. In one-hour sessions, the HPTF will address the public’s questions about their draft majority and minority reports, which will be presented to Council on Oct. 26. More importantly, the task force wants your input before their long-awaited trip to council chambers on Oct. 26. Task force recommendations and minority reports can be picked up at City Hall or found at http://www.aspenhistoricpreservation.com/documents/OCT_8_REPORT_001.pdf

Please attend today and express your opinion. Webcast and GrassRoots TV will be filming the program for public and council review. Come ask your questions on the record. If you cannot be there, please submit your comments to Sara Adams at the city. You may also contact me, marilynrmarks@gmail.com, and I will try to assure that your question/comment is presented at the meeting.

See the city’s website for the full reports of the task force. See a summary and list of my questions and concerns on http://www.theredant.com

Marilyn Marks


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