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Hiring immigrants, filling jobs

Dear Editor:I was out of town for the past week and missed the Immigration Law debate in The Aspen Times but was able to do a little catch up through my favorite “dotcomments” section in Sunday’s paper.In the midst of my Sunday morning splendor – cozy in bed, mug of homemade latte, Sunday Morning on the tube and an Aspen Times in my lap I read a dot comment that compelled, rather propelled me out of my haven and to my computer to retort. The person responsible for the following comment “hiring illegal aliens has nothing to do with filling jobs, it has everything to do with greed, pure and simple, lower payroll, higher profits, not having to pay employee taxes, benefits, insurance, higher profits” – this person can’t possibly own a business in the RFV nor know any one that does. These charges are from ignorance and not fact and are fuel for more anger and misunderstanding within ours and other communities across America.I won’t bother to discuss the obvious repercussions that the new immigration laws will have here on every day business in the RFV. That’s been done. We will ALL pay the price. What I will address is the ignorance of these comments starting with greed, lower payroll and higher profits. I will not implicate myself with my position but I can assure you in the construction domain, payrolls are NOT low. Many of the men building our homes, trails, schools, hotels, etc., are not only well-paid but are learning to bargain for more knowing they could easily go work for the competition AND more so, knowing that Americans do not want the jobs they are occupying.In my experience I’ve found that sometimes American workers end up costing more because of the abuse of workers compensation. I guess we feel that’s a privilege, rather a right of being American. But, I digress. Many of the people that own construction businesses here are men that started out on their own trying to make a decent living either not having the interest or means for a college education. They are far from greedy. They are simple, honest men building for greedy Americans with enough money to own second, third, homes, new restaurants, schools, etc. Who can blame them for making a living on others’ need for excess?Next, I’m confident you would be challenged to find an employer here not paying their employee payroll taxes. Where do you think the excess money in our social security system is coming from? It’s been documented and published that annual taxes paid by immigrants to all levels of governments generate a net annual surplus of $25 billion to $30 billion.Lastly, your comment regarding not having to pay employee benefits or insurance – aside from Skico and some of the other larger employers (which there are few), you would again be challenged to find a company that does offer these benefits whether you are American or not. Most of my American peers here in the Valley pay for insurance out of their own pockets.To return to your first comment that “hiring illegal aliens has nothing to do with filling jobs” – really, that’s where you are most off the mark. If you could only understand the challenges involved with hiring immigrant workers (risk, language barrier, cultural differences, etc.) you would realize the reality of being left with no other options. It has everything to do with filling jobs – “pure and simple.” Now, back to my latte and some lighter reading in the Weekly.L. BeckwithBasalt

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