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Hire locally

Dear Editor:

I hope the city goes forward with necessary energy retrofits, but I wonder if we really need to hire an outside contractor to change light bulbs, and insulate and weatherize public buildings.

Doesn’t our community have qualified architects, engineers and contractors ideally poised to be leaders in energy efficiency? Is energy auditing and retrofitting of commercial buildings really too complicated for our local pros? I don’t think so.

Colorado Mountain College and others have been training energy auditors. Aspen Center for Environmental Studies is emerging as a leader in practical application of alternative energy and efficiency retrofits.

The more complicated efficiency measures (like pump retrofits) were likely pioneered at Rocky Mountain Institute, and CORE was probably created with this sort of activity in mind, so why the outside experts?

Aspen is ideally positioned to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and boost its own economy by focusing on local solutions (like ballot measure 1A). This time, let’s avoid buying plane tickets for outside consultants, and keep the money in our valley. Of course, this prestigious work should go out to competitive bid, and may the best, brightest and most efficient local contractor win!

Greg Poschman


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