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Hikers get nude awakening

A naked man spotted Sunday and Monday in the Thompson Creek area threatened a couple out hiking and broke a window in another man’s vehicle, according to one of the hikers.

The incidents occurred Sunday evening between 5:30 and 6 p.m., after a 58-year-old Glenwood Springs resident, her husband and their two dogs returned from a hike in the area, said the resident who requested anonymity.

The couple reached the Thompson Creek trailhead and saw a man wearing only a pair of thermal underwear bottoms ranting and raving atop a culvert, the woman said.

“It was like he was preaching,” she said. “He was yelling and waving his hands around.”

But when he saw the couple, he immediately became threatening, she said.

“He points to us and says, ‘Someone’s going to die today, and it’s going to be one of you,’” the woman said.

The couple decided the best course of action was to get out of there, so they tried to get the dogs in their pickup truck as quickly as possible, she said. However, as they were backing out of their parking spot, the man ran up and jumped into the back of their truck with the dogs, she said.

The woman’s husband then gunned the truck’s engine to try and throw the man out of the vehicle but he held on, she said. The man also was holding on to one of their dogs, she said.

So her husband slammed on the brakes.

“Then the guy jumps out and says, ‘You want to fight, old man?’” she said. “And he put up his arms like he wanted to fight.”

The couple’s dog jumped out of the truck or the man took the dog out of the truck at some point, she said. But fearing for their safety, the husband gunned the engine again and they went fishtailing up the road, she said.

As they were driving, they encountered a Jeep, which was driving at a high rate of speed. The woman said the young man behind the wheel stopped and they asked him if he saw “the crazy guy.”

“He says, ‘Did you see my window?’” the woman said. The back driver’s side window of the Jeep was broken out, she said.

The man told them he had been fishing and was driving out of the area when he saw the man walking along the road with no shoes and stopped to see if he needed help, she said.

The man then used a signpost he was carrying to smash out the man’s window, she said.

At that point, her husband said he was going back for the dog and the Jeep driver volunteered to go with him, she said. They came back 40 minutes later with the dog and said the man pulled down his pants and began playing with himself when they asked what he did with the dog, she said.

“It was so crazy,” she said.

Both Pitkin County and Garfield County sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, she said.

Employees of the Pitkin County Road and Bridge Department saw the same man the next morning wearing only a red hoodie sweatshirt. Two Pitkin County deputies talked to the man not long after and asked him to remain clothed. A deputy said the man didn’t appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and likely was suffering from mental-health issues.

Garfield County deputies may have arrested him Wednesday on unspecified charges, though his identity wasn’t clear Wednesday afternoon, said Pitkin County Deputy Monique Merritt. A call to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office was not returned.

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