Highway havoc averted

Dear Editor:

I’m offering a huge thanks to Sheryl and the staff at Aspen Animal Hospital, Deputy Adam Cryder, my great neighbors at Lazy Glen and the morning commuters on Highway 82 for their efforts in helping recover my dog Bounder from the mess he got himself into during Monday morning rush hour.

Everyone behaved unselfishly, quickly and professionally while I was trying to keep panic from setting in. As the story was told to me, Bounder’s mom, even highway traffic stopped for a few harried moments while my pup was rounded up and hauled off to the safe confines of the Aspen Animal Hospital. It just goes to show, you can’t take your eyes off a 2-year-old for even a moment. Again, thank you all so much for being one of the many reasons why the Roaring Fork Valley is a spectacular place to live.

Cheers, everyone and have a great day!

Kitty Bearden