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Highly unprofessional

It is unfortunate that Sven Erik Alstrom, A.I.A., doesn’t have ready access to a phone. Otherwise, he could have easily and quickly cleared up some of the misunderstandings under which he labored (to use the term loosely) with his recent letter regarding the new CMC building in Aspen.

First of all, the money that the Morgridges gave to CMC was not “instrumental in the new building.” Their money went into providing college-wide technology and the arts.

The money for the new building came from the CMC budget. Because of their generous contribution to the college and because they lived in the community, it was decided to put their name on the new building.

Secondly, the building was not “retrofitted for air conditioning.” Mr. Alstrom even admits that his information was based on “the local rumor mill,” and for him to pass on an unsubstantiated rumor is reprehensible.

In conclusion, I would also point out to Mr. Alstrom that to use a public forum to criticize a fellow architect is highly unprofessional.

Doug Rhinehart

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