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Higher wages for Skico instructors

Dear Editor:

I have known Lee Mulcahy since 2003 and I would like to vouch for his general character, and I support his efforts to pursue this campaign of promoting a raise of the wages of beginning ski instructors.

I have personal experience with this as I was an employee of Aspen Skiing Co. from 2006-07 and taught bears and grizzly kids at the ski school in Snowmass and can confirm the financial struggles I endured, needing to have more than just that job to earn a decent living and having to work both day and night during the season to have enough to survive the off-season.

I mean no disrespect to Skico as they were my employer when I needed a job; however, a higher wage for beginning ski instructors is something that I would support.

Greg Cullen

New York

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