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High drama on high

Dear Editor:

Typically I do not respond to letters to the editor, consistent with the principle of free speech. Yet enough is enough, relative to the Bill Boineau “tarp” incident (“Welcome to Snowmass?” Sept. 6, 2011, letters, Aspen Daily News). Although Bill might deserve some friendly ribbing for pulling out his business card, no one can question his integrity, or the good intention of saving space for the gang of friends.

The facts, from an adjacent tarp owner’s perspective, include the following:

Bill arrived at the main gate before 11 a.m., two hours before opening. At some time after 1 p.m., we put our tarps out together, folding his under by a third. Bill spent most of the three hours before “Mr. Drama” arrived, at, or around the site. Either the tarp blew over, or Mr. Drama moved it. Unfortunately, it was not repositioned by the gals in front who were watching it. Had Mr. Drama respected their feedback when told the space was taken, this whole “circus” would never have occurred.

Or maybe Mr. Drama could have arrived at the gate early and waited in line like everyone else. Bill gave Mr. Drama his business card, after hearing he was going to ream Snowmass Village, thus choosing to take the heat on himself. We had 20-plus people (row after row of chairs) on our tarps for the last two bands.

In conclusion, we know there are two or more sides to every story. It is clear that we followed concert etiquette. It is not so clear that Mr. Drama did. It is unfortunate that this incident, the BS in the papers, and the personalized criticism of Bill, based only on Mr. Drama’s side of the story, occurred. I’d say it is time to offer a few apologies if your facts were incomplete and move on, chalking it up as a learning experience for all involved.

Jack Hatfield

Snowmass Village

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