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High Country: Why the future of cannabis edibles is fast-acting

Improved technology and a new wave of products means more choices for a quicker hit

Katie Shapiro
High Country
Coda Signature recently released a fast-acting version of its gourmet Fruit Notes using technology from MedPharm.
Courtesy Coda Signature

The cannabis industry term “rapid delivery” first appeared in 2017 with the launch of a proprietary portfolio of THC-infused, effects-based chocolates made by the brand 1906.

But two years later, the category matured when Wana — the number one cannabis edibles company in North America — teamed up with Azuca and officially renamed it as “fast-acting.” They incorporated Azuca founder and chief creative officer Ron Silver’s quick onset technology, known as “Time Infusion,” into an expansion of its best-selling line of all-natural, sugar-coated gummies with Wana Quick.

Since then, both Wana Brands and Azuca have led the charge in providing cannabis consumers a quicker-hitting and more consistent high than that of traditional edible products.

“In Azuca’s formative years, the only focus was how to get control of these cannabinoids and make them act in a way that would be predictable,” explained Silver, also Azuca’s chief creative officer. “At that time, maybe eight years ago, no one was thinking about fast onset edibles. We have remained hyper-focused on delivering cannabinoids in tightly controllable doses so that a consumer could choose one milligram or half a milligram if they wished.”

Today, Azuca lends its patent-pending technology to brands beyond Wana – which just debuted a multi-cannabinoid, health-focused Optimals offshoot – to cannabis companies including Columbia Care, NectarBee, High Life Farms, Everest Apothecary and Revolutionary Clinics. Established edibles purveyors have also recently entered the category independently, including Coda Signature with a just-released, fast-acting version of its gourmet Fruit Notes product using technology from MedPharm.

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