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High Country: Have a happy 4/20 with Colorado’s best pre-rolls

Five party packs to shop for locally and light up to celebrate the annual high holiday.

Katie Shapiro
High Country

Another year, another 4/20. While the annual holiday on the cannabis calendar — once mostly commemorated in the form of on-campus smokeouts — has taken on a life of its own in the post-legalization era.

From dispensary promotions and big city festivals to pairing dinners and activist rallies, however you observe 4/20 usually involves a good old-fashioned joint. Whether you are heading to an official event or just marking the occasion with a few friends, there is no shortage of options to come prepared.

Pre-rolls have become a best-selling staple on dispensary shelves for those on-the-go or in need of a party favor — taking away the time, effort and mess required to grind up flower and roll your own. Elevating the single “doob tube” to the next level, the popularity of pre-roll packs has finally caught on in Colorado with dispensaries and independent companies launching branded boxes that make bringing your own cannabis more convenient.

So, in honor of 4/20, here are the five best pre-roll packs to shop for locally and light up with in celebration this week.

Native Roots

Courtesy Native Roots

As one of Colorado’s longest-running and largest dispensary chains, Native Roots is the OG when it comes to putting pre-rolls in a pack. Each pocket-sized box of Shortys includes five quarter-gram joints (aka “dogwalkers”) featuring best-selling strains like Lavender Jones, Jilly Bean and Training Day.

Price: $18

Shop: Native Roots, 308 S. Hunter St., Aspen, 970-429-4443, nativerootscannabis.com

Roots Rx

Courtesy Roots Rx

For its just-launched line of pre-roll packs, Roots Rx tapped Salida-based artist B.A. Dallas to create four limited edition covers (with more releases on the way later this year). Each box contains five half-gram joints filled with its Sour Lemon Poison strain, which is organically grown at 10,200 feet in its Leadville cultivation headquarters.

Price: $15

Shop: Roots Rx, 400 E. Hyman Ave. (lower level), Aspen, 970-900-9333, rootsrxstores.com

Willie’s Reserve

Courtesy Willie’s Reserve

Among legendary country crooner and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson’s eponymous product offering is the High Five Pack. Containing five half-gram joints — made with whole-flower versus the trim of lower-quality pre-rolls — the range is available in best-selling strains from Mac N Cheese and Mimosa to Red Headed Stranger and Ice Chem. Most recently, Willie’s Reserve swapped its metal tins (with plastic inserts) for 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, furthering its commitment to sustainability.

Price: $30

Shop: The Green Joint, 720 E. Durant Ave., Aspen, 970-710-2657, thegreenjoint.com


Courtesy Toast

Experience the entourage effect with a pack of Toast Original — five filtered joints made with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio. Each “Slice” is equivalent in strength and effect to a glass of champagne or your favorite cocktail thanks to a perfect balance of cannabinoids specifically blended to imbibe during social settings. Toast is also one of the few pre-roll options to also use hemp paper and a high-flow filter to level the burn, encouraging a slower consumption experience, which is identified with its signature purple tip and gold foil insignia.

Price: $40

Shop: Silverpeak, 520 E. Cooper Ave., Aspen, 970-925-4372, silverpeakcolorado.com

Dalwhinnie Farms

Courtesy Dalwhinnie Farms

In line with its sophisticated downtown storefront, Dalwhinnie Farms’ pre-rolls are packaged beautifully in a sleek, magnetic closure box with its regal logo stamped in gold foil. Inside, seven half- gram joints are accompanied with a strain information card (all organically grown on its farm in Ridgway) including THC content, effects and tasting notes. Dalwhinnie Farms also uses whole flower instead of trim to fill its cones, resulting in a purer and more potent expression of the plant.

Price: $65

Shop: Dalwhinnie Farms, 108 S. Mill St., Aspen, 970-429-8830, dalwhinnie.com

*Most prices listed are pre-tax.