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Hiding the mountains

Being a long-time contractor here in the city of Aspen, I am very aware of how stringent the city is in monitoring the height limit of all structures and enforcing zoning regulations.

But suddenly, is Aspen becoming a city with two sets of rules? Is one set for the independent builder, and a new one for the proposed Obermeyer project at Rio Grande Place?

It seems a special COWOP has been given the “green light” to plan a massive commercial development across from Rio Grande Park. This plan would bypass the current rules concerning height limitations, stream margin and zoning reviews.

Even worse, the city, by agreeing to be a partner in this venture, would be giving up small open parcels of land which we, the people, in essence, own. These parcels now allow a “breathing space” between structures. Without them, a massive wall of buildings would obstruct the view of the mountains.

The COWOP plans to close a portion of the street (Rio Grande Place), further impacting the area by pushing the building site closer to the riverside. True, the COWOP cannot move mountains, but it is getting ready to hide them.

Gary Moore


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