Hide the answers to the crossword

Dear Editor:

Please stop putting the solution to the crossword puzzle on the same page as the crossword itself. I do not need nor do I want to look at the answers, but trying not to glance is awfully hard, accidentally or not, which is distracting and annoying. Bury it in the classifieds. That way you force some crossword players to delve into the pages they normally wouldn’t. Maybe they’ll see something they think they like and end up buying something they don’t really need! It’s a win-win! Maybe they’ll even adopt a puppy! I really enjoy reading your paper. I love that it is a free publication for all of us. What a treat. But I still think the layout could be improved in ways to make reading this handheld paper more enticing, more habit forming.

Anyhow, thanks for listening.

Moe Jones

Snowmass Village